Slot machine jackpot wins: how to get a big prize

Slots are popular among gamblers due to high payouts. The biggest prize you can get in any game is jackpot. It’s a big progressive prize that increases the more players all over the world are making bets in this particular game. Slot machine jackpot wins are bigger than any other massive prizes you may receive. They may reach hundreds of thousands and even millions of currency units. If you’re one of lucky gamblers who hits this win, you’ll be rich for sure.

Slot machine jackpot wins: Wheel Of Fortune

Wheel Of Fortune is a game that made dozens of players millionaires both online and offline. This progressive slot machine has a big super prize that you can win in bonus game. Such additional round allows you to spin the wheel of fortune and to get the desired reward, in case you’re lucky.

Jackpot slot machine bonus win is not the only win you can receive in bonus round. Wheel of fortune has sections with other smaller prizes. To trigger the bonus feature you should get the appropriate number of Bonus symbols on the reels.

Note that jackpot slots are a bit different from other games:

  1. They require way bigger budget than non-progressive slots.
  2. Minimum bet is usually rather high.
  3. You can receive slot machine jackpot wins only in special rounds.
  4. There are several levels of progressive rewards.
  5. The higher your bet is, the more chances you have to hit jackpot.

The common question is whether it’s worth playing jackpot win slots. Actually, it depends on many things. First of all, you should have a rather big budget for that. Second, such games often have lower RTP ant high variance. So, you get less regular wins, but you have a chance to get a massive prize.

What are the odds of getting slot machines jackpot wins

Is it difficult to win a progressive reward? Yes, it’s very difficult and it’s a really rare event. Actual odds depend on the game you pick. Only to have a chance of winning jackpot you should trigger bonus round and then your possibility depends on your goal in this round. In case of Wheel Of Fortune slot the possibility depends on the number of sections that a pointer can choose. The more options you have, the worse your winning chances are.

Here are some tips for playing jackpot slots:

  • bet max to get the best jackpot prize;
  • make sure you have enough funds to play the game for a long time;
  • don’t forget that other prizes are good too;
  • make sure RTP is good enough for you;
  • enable reality check to control how much you play and bet.

Odds of winning jackpot are low, but if you’re lucky, you’ll get a huge prize. So’ it’s worth to challenge your fortune to receive jackpot.

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