High bet slot wins – the opportunity to get big amounts for the most devoted casino players

High bet slot wins are slot machines that require relatively large amounts of money to play. If you are a huge gambling lover and are chasing big prizes while playing at online casinos, an option of playing with high bet limits will definitely be suitable for you. It will give you the real opportunity to apply all your knowledge and skills in the game and get unbelievable amounts of money. You can bet big on every spin and win a lot more. If on ordinary slots rates of several dollars per spin, then at high limits you can bet up to $ 100 per spin. Max bet slot wins consider a huge risk but they are usually compensated by a higher percentage of the winnings, as well as more interesting privileges compared to the low-stakes slots.

The best slots with the highest max bets

High bet slot wins are the same slot machines as everyone else, so there is no difference in the rules of the game. They still include spinning the reels and wait for the right combination of symbols. However, their only distinction is that the betting limits are much higher, so that requires more money. Games with high bets offer a paytable which starts at hundreds of dollars. In a way, they are similar to slot machines with jackpots, because the winnings can be almost equal to the jackpot. So if you’re a real high roller, you would definitely like the games that offer the best max bet slot machine wins:

  1. Ocean Princess – the maximum jackpot in the game is 1000 times the size of the player’s bet per line and the return rate is 99.1%;
  2. Cinerama from Playtech – offers high bet slot wins and the return rate is 98.4%;
  3. Dead or Alive from NetEnt – 5 reels and 9 paylines, offers lots of free bonuses and the return rate is 97%;
  4. Fistcuffs from NetEnt – has 5 reels and 10 paylines and the return rate is 96.70%.

Choosing the right slot and practicing it for a while with the help of the bonuses is the first step to success. But taking control of your budget is important, so don’t forget about it while playing for real money.

High limit max bet slots to win big

High bet slot wins attract a lot of gambling lovers as they can easily impress with the huge prices and the feeling of real adrenaline because the risk is really big. Playing low stakes slots if fun too, but you will not be able to earn a lot of money, just because of the limits. That is why high limit slots can be a good decision if you are ready to get as much as possible. Big winnings can be received while playing such slots:

  1. King of Africa;
  2. Buffalo Gold Wonder;
  3. Gonzo’s Quest;
  4. Millionaire Genie.

High limit betting is fun and rewarding if you have a big enough budget and know what you are doing. Just remember that they are the same as ordinary slots depending on mostly luck, so that’s why it’s important to set a budget for a game from the beginning and control it during all the game.

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