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In one of the messages which our Lord Jesus Christ revealed to Mother Pierina de Micheli (now Blessed) in 1939, our Lord said, I have given my heart as a sensible object of my great love for man and I give my Face as a sensible object of my sorrow for the sins of man,

“I desire that My Face be honored by a special Feast on Quinquagesima Tuesday (Tuesday on the 5th week before Easter Sunday), a feast preceded by a Novena, in which all the faithful will make reparation to Me, thus uniting and participating in my grief.”

This year 2014, the FEAST OF THE HOLY FACE OF JESUS is on MARCH 4 to be preceded by a NOVENA starting FEBRUARY 23 until MARCH 3. For future guidance, the feast of the Holy Face of Jesus is always on a Tuesday but the date is movable as it is dependent on when the Ash Wednesday will fall.

Looking back on how this feast of the Holy Face of Jesus started, we go back in the early 20th century when Mo. Maria Pierina was inspired through visions of our Lord and our Blessed Mother to take up the work of spreading the devotion to the Holy Face of Jesus in reparation for the many insults, irreverence, and violence He suffered. The Holy Face image that was presented to her by our Lady was an image bearing the likeness on the Holy Shroud which at first was a scapular but was reproduced as a medal. On the side of the Holy Face image, it has an inscription, “Illumina, Domine, VultumTuum Super Nos.” (Psalm 66: “May, O Lord, the light of Thy countenance shine upon us”), and on the other side was the Sacred Host with the words, “Mane Nobiscum, Domine.” (“Stay with us, O Lord”). Although reproduced as medals, it carries the same promises and favors.

The first Holy Face Medal was offered to Pope Pius XII who accepted it and approved the devotion in 1958 and declared the Feast of the Holy Face of Jesus as Shrove Tuesday (the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday) for all Roman Catholics.

One can make a NOVENA OF REPARATION TO OBTAIN A FAVOR by visiting our Novena page or by saying the “Golden Arrow ” prayer and “The Litany of the Holy Face” on nine consecutive days, preferably before the Blessed Sacrament or the picture of the Holy Face, and by going to Confession and Holy Communion. 

To view the schedule of activities at the Holy Face Center and Convent in Quiapo, Manila, Philippines please click here.