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The Catholic Bishops of the Philippines exhorted a preparation for the 5th centenary of the Christian faith in the Philippines with a nine year “Era of New Evangelization” .   The nine (9) Major Pastoral Priorities are efforts to intensify a vision of a renewed integral evangelization towards a renewed Church.  These nine priorities are:

2013     –     Integral Faith Formation
2014     –     Year of the Laity
2015     –     Year for the Clergy and Relgious
2016     –     The Eucharist and the Family(an International Eucharistic Congress to be held in Cebu)
2017     –     Transforming the parish as a Communion and Communities
2018     –     Renewal of Clergy and Religious
2019     –     Active Participation of the Youth
2020     –     Ecumenism and Inter-Religious Dialogue
2021     –     Mission ad Gentes