The face of a human person is a symbol of individuality and uniqueness and it portrays all that the person stands for. In addition, the face can generate relationships and has communicative powers that can propagate either positive or negative messages.

“I hope that your devotion to the image of the Holy Shroud will lead you to the discovery of His Mystery.” (Pope Paul VI- opening talk on the occasion of the exposition of the Holy Shroud, November 23, 1973)

It is from this premise that we realize the significance of the Devotion to the Holy Face of Jesus.  The devotion to the Holy Face of Jesus is essentially a devotion to the person of Jesus and all that He stands for: His Life, Passion, Death, and Resurrection. When we gaze at the Face of Jesus, we are invited to enter into a relationship and union with Him until it grow into such an intimacy that generates us into a life of commitment to Him and involvement with His life of love in and through the Church for our own and the world’s salvation and glorification. (gleaned from Fr. Solh B. Saez’ conferences)