Foundation: October 1, 1986

Foundress: Rev. Mother Mary Therese Laxamana Vicente, HFJ (1921 – 1995)

Charism: Contemplation of the Holy Face of Jesus

Spirituality: To see God’s presence continually, with Mary

Apostolate:  To Radiate the Holy Face of Jesus to God’s People

A. Promotion of a Relevant Spirituality

1. Holy Face of Jesus

2. Holy Eucharist

B. Formation of the Laity

1. Crusaders of the Holy Face of Jesus

2. Young Apostles of the Holy Face of Jesus

3. Little Friends of the Holy Face of Jesus

C. Pastoral Ministry

1. Parish Ministry

2. Liturgical Ministry

D. Education Apostolate

1. School Apostolate

a. Our Lady of Guadalupe School

b. Sto. Nino Catholic School

2. Christian Education


Being founded locally, all of our houses are located in the Philippines.

  •    Holy Face of Jesus Center & Convent
  •    Formation Houses (situated in the Compound of the Holy Face Center)
  •    Mission Houses
    1. Mexico, Pampanga
    2. Alaminos, Pangasinan
    3. Ballesteros, Cagayan Valley


General Council:

  •    Mo. Ma. Annunciata T. Mendoza, HFJ (Superior General)
  •    Sr. Celine C. Bayor, HFJ (Vicar General/1st Councilor)
  •    Sr. Olivia R. Edejer, HFJ (2nd Councilor)
  •    Sr. Mary Josephine F. Dizon (3rd Councilor)
  •    Sr. Ma. Faustina P. Ubane, HFJ (4th Councilor)



A charism is a vocational gift which the Holy Spirit gives to each member of a religious congregation and which coincides essentially with the gift originally received by the founder or foundress.  The founder or foundress is a key figure in understanding the congregation for he or she is the person who gives the spiritual patrimony to all the members.  The spirit and aim of the founder is faithfully accepted and retained as a permanent heritage by the community thus giving it a particular character.  The charism encompasses history, traditions, rules, spirituality, and apostolate that are transmitted, safeguarded and developed by the institute.

The essence of the life of the Sisters of the Holy Face of Jesus is contained in the community’s Constitution, Customs and Traditions; and our declared Charism is

Contemplation of the Holy Face of Jesus“.

It has the following characteristics:

Contemplative Stance

  1. Seeing God’s presence continually, with Mary
  2. Maintaining union with God by the celebration of Eucharistic and adoration of the Blessed Sacrament
  3. Penetrating God”s omnipresence through the Scriptures
  4. Walking to Christ with Mary
  5. A regular prayer life
  6. Spiritual reading, silence and daily meditations

Contemplative in Action

Our active apostolate is essentially linked to our prayer life in the sense that the fruits of our shared contemplation are imparted to the joyful and grieving world with which we are called to be in solidarity. (HFJ Constitution 60)

  1. Radiating the Holy Face of Jesus to God’s people
  2. Seeing the Face of Jesus on others
  3. love and preference for the poor and the ‘faceless’ in society
  4. Helping in the work of social transformation
  5. Special emphasis on the formation of the young
  6. Special responsibility on the formation of our lay partners

Contemplative Life of Devotion

The life of devotions which God inspired us to live continually nourishes our spiritual life. They are our holy entrance in seeking and contemplating the Face of God.

  1. Celebration of the Eucharist
  2. Devotion to the Holy Face of Jesus
  3. Filial devotion to Mary under the title, Our Lady of Guadalupe
  4. Devotion to St. Joseph
  5. Devotion to St. Therese of the Child Jesus and Holy Face
  6. Other devotions practiced by the community

Contemplative Vowed Life

Recognizing the prophetic sign of our religious consecration, we continually enrich our vowed life by our awareness of our union with God, Who called and loved us first.

  1. contemplative identity as consecrated persons
  2. practice of self-denial, mortification and penance
  3. trust on God’s providence
  4. co-responsibility and generous concern for the common good
  5. faithfulness to the Church
  6. faithfulness to the community

Contemplation in the Centrality of Common Life

It is through Community Life that we realize God’s presence and find means to achieve the perfection of love and the fulfillment of our apostolate. Living as a real family, being of “one mind and heart”, on the way to God. (HFJ Constitution 49, 50)

  1. fraternal and serene friendship
  2. communication and constant dialogue
  3. community sharing and centralization of temporal goods and affairs
  4. guiding principles:  service, responsibility, obedience and respect
  5. wearing a distinctive white habit



To see God’s presence continually, with Mary,

constitute the Spirituality of our Congregation. And the awareness and sensitivity to God’s presence, moment to moment in a world of joy and suffering, is a constant challenge for each sister.

As members of the community, different indeed in talents and character, but equal in the bond of charity and profession, we endeavor to safeguard and protect the spiritual heritage of our foundress, which is her legacy to our institute.  Each sister is expected to imitate her sterling virtues as well:

  1. total trust in God
  2. humility
  3. compassionate and a great lover of God and neighbor
  4. prayerful
  5. cheerful giver
  6. endurance in suffering



The Sisters of the Holy Face of Jesus (HFJ), formerly known as the Holy Face of Jesus Sisters of Perpetual Adoration, was founded by Rev. Mother Mary Therese L. Vicente, HFJ (1921-1995) in Quiapo, Manila on October 1, 1986.

The inspiration that led to its foundation begun when a replica of the Holy Shroud from Turin, Italy was exhibited at the Manila Cathedral in August 1976 and Mo. Mary Therese, then a member of the Daughters of Mary Mother of the Church congregation, was given the task to be the Exhibit’s custodian.

Mo. Therese’ strong desire to do the will of God and to lead people to Him was consistently manifested in her acts of piety and maternal concern for all peoples. Her openness to various devotions that came her way was for her opportunities to lead people to God. That is why, when she encountered the Devotion to the Holy Face of Jesus and had observed the effect of this devotion on others’ lives, she realized its value and felt a call within a call. After passing periods of discernment and obtaining blessings from Church authorities she established a Center for the Holy Face of Jesus so that people can still visit and venerate the Holy Face even after the Exhibit. Her dedication to the devotion and to the mission led her to officially leave the Daughters of Mary and found the Sisters of the Holy Face of Jesus, the then Holy Face of Jesus Sisters of Perpetual Adoration..

As fruits of this devotion, lay religious organizations were also established: the Crusaders of the Holy Face of Jesus (CHFJ) in 1977, the Young Apostles of the Holy Face of Jesus (YAHFJ) and the Little Friends of the Holy Face of Jesus (LFHFJ) in 1990 and 1994, respectively.

Withstanding the various crises which accompanied the foundation of the sisters and in pursuing its stability, the Congregation continued their services in the Archdiocese of Manila and its mission expanded to other places in the Philippines as well. Relying primarily on God Providence, the mission continues even after the death of the foundress on June 7, 1995.







“The life of sisters proper to each institute, by which all members are united together like a special family in Christ, is to be determined in such a way that it becomes a mutual support for all in fulfilling the vocation of each member.” Eminently, it is through community life that we realize His presence and find means to achieve perfection of love and the fulfillment of our charism in our apostolate. Likewise, through community life, we bound ourselves together, like the first Christians “of one heart and one mind.” (cf. Constitution No. 49)

Our Foundress adapted the Rule of St. Augustine for it greatly stresses on community life; a rule that is characterized as a call to an evangelical equality motivated by love for one another. That is why the guiding principles of superiors and all members in our community are: service in the name of Christ, responsibility, obedience and respect.

Recognizing that we have been gathered into one so that the glory of God maybe proclaimed, we shall do our best to live as real family: trustful and open, prudent in fraternal correction, sensitive to the needs of each other, cooperative in all undertakings, and disposed to use our talents for common good. (cf. Constitution No.50)



Our regular schedule constitutes the regular observances of our daily schedule whose practice enables us to follow Christ more closely in our lives and to make our apostolate more effective. Hence, these practices are of vital importance which we should love wholeheartedly and carry out willingly.

Regular observance consists of all elements, which make up our life and regulate it by a common discipline. Chief among these are the Eucharistic and the Holy Face of Jesus’ Devotions, the celebration of the liturgy and other prayers, common life, study and apostolic work.

The contemplative framework of our daily life is a consecration of our entire being to the total Christ bringing the message that even amidst the hectic pace of modern living, personal and communal sanctification can be achieved.


Great emphasis has been given to the animation of our liturgical life from the very beginning. Recognizing its significance, liturgical renewal demands that we incorporate worship within the totality of our lives.

5:00 a.m. Rising

The sister get up immediately when the bell rings, bless herself with the sign of the Cross, kiss the floor, and responds “Now and forever” to the bell ringer’s salutation: “Praised be the hearts of Jesus, Mary and Joseph, come to prayer sisters, come to praise the Lord.” Completely garbed with the habit, the sisters go eagerly to the Chapel with emulation to be found there among the first to meet the Risen Lord just like on that first Easter morning.

Awakening on Sundays is 5:30 a.m.

5:30 a.m. Lauds

Common recitation of community prayers and chanting the Morning Office to start our day of praise to the Triune God. Vocal prayers are recited with devotion, in clear, uniform voice, and at moderate pace. The Liturgy of the Hours is chanted meditatively. As a sign of reverence to the Most Holy Trinity, the sisters bow their heads slightly and reverently when reciting the “Glory be” in public or in private.

A 15 minutes of private meditation after reading the Gospel of the day is made before the Holy Mass.

6:15 a.m. Holy Mass

Our institute find its highest expression in this sacrament. Our frequent and truly active encounter with Christ in the celebration of the Eucharist enable us to understand deeper our identity as one body in one Lord.

7:00 a.m. Other Devotional Prayers

Depending on the season and the day, certain prayers and hymns are being celebrated.

7:15 a.m. Breakfast

Each community gathers in the refectory for meals, which are eaten in silence unless a solemnity or feast is being celebrated.


8:00 a.m. Individual Adoration

For an hour, each sister takes turn in Adoring Jesus exposed in the Blessed Sacrament. Perpetual adoration is understood as an unceasing worship of God moment to moment.

8:30 a.m. Study or Apostolate

The sisters are sent to study to better prepare them for the apostolate and other sisters go to their respective duties or apostolate. The course of the day is continually sanctified by pauses of communal or private prayers.

study 1 DSC00299

11:00 a.m. Daytime Prayers

The Midday Office is chanted followed by the meditative recitation of the Holy Rosary and Chaplet of the Holy Face of Jesus.

12:00 noon Lunch

Each community gathers in the refectory for meals while listening to a reading from a spiritual book for at least 5 minutes and the rest of is spent for fraternal conversation.

1:00 p.m. Siesta

The sisters take a nap or an hour of rest to refresh themselves for the afternoon schedules.

2:00 p.m. Spiritual Reading

To nourish the sisters’ spiritual growth, they find time for a private spiritual reading.

3:00 p.m. Stations of the Cross

In a spirit of reparation and devotion on the Passion, Death and Resurrection of our Lord, the stations of the cross is prayed every Friday during ordinary season and daily during lent, except on Sundays.


5:00 p.m. Holy Rosary

The rosary, as a form of prayer, leads our thoughts to the mystery of salvation in which our Blessed Mother was united closely to Christ.

5:30 p.m. Vespers

The rhythm of the day to give praise and thanks to God, and lift up to the Lord the various intentions entrusted by God to our prayers.

6:00 p.m. Holy Hour

Daily Holy Hour in honor of the Holy Face of Jesus is a daily celebration in the Institute, especially on Tuesdays as devotees of the Holy Face are also gathered to join the sisters.

7:00 p.m. Dinner

Each community gathers in the refectory for meals while having fraternal conversation.

7:30 p.m. Recreation

Recreation time after dinner where the sisters enjoy one another’s company, play games, or engage in a favorite hobby such as rosary making, singing together, etc. A prescribed prayer before and after recreation is recited.


8:30 p.m. Compline and Night Prayers

The day ends with the communal chanting of the Compline and recitation of our night prayers, thanking the Lord for the day, asking forgiveness for failures and neglects, and beseeching Him for the needed blessing for the next day.

A 15 minute time is allotted to a reparative prayers for the respect of human life.

9:00 p.m. Community Adoration

Time for private adoration and personal prayers before retiring.

com adoration

10:00 p.m. Silence

All communities, especially the formation houses, observe the above daily time table in common.  However,  depending on the demands of study and apostolate, adjustments are made by local communities for its communal or private celebration.



Love for the Church prompt us to pledge our cooperation with the hierarchy in our apostolic endeavors and in communion and dialogue with all other sectors of the Church that we may share with them the richness of our charism.

Our apostolate is discharged in different ways, according to varying circumstances. However, it must always be in accordance with our institute’s Christian identity and befitting our charism. We commit ourselves to a kingly, apostolic and prophetic charism by sharing the fruits of our contemplation through the promotion of a relevant spirituality, the formation of the laity, pastoral ministry and educational apostolate. (cf. Constitution Nos. 61, 62)




holy face2The Holy Face Center & Convent in Quiapo, Manila has long been established for the Devotion to the Holy Face of Jesus.  It started when in 1976 the replica of the Holy Shroud of Turin from Turin, Italy was brought to the Philippines for exhibit at the Manila Cathedral.  As many were touched by this devotion to the suffering Christ, Mo. Mary Therese L. Vicente, HFJ, the foundress of the Sisters of the Holy Face of Jesus, looked for a place to cater for the spiritual needs of the people.

The secured old house, a century-old two storey wooden building, forlorn and unoccupied since the time it was purchased by the Gregorio Araneta Foundation to a businessman named Carlos Praisely, and considered as haunted house by passerby was renovated and preserved up to this day.