Rev. Mo. Therese constantly emphasized to the Sisters the aspect of being contemplatives in action. Being a former Carmelite for twenty (20) years had an effect in the way Mo. Therese formed her sisters; she stressed so much on the importance of communal prayers and of the adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. She used to say, these are ways the sisters could be effective in attending to the needs of the people who come to the Holy Face Center.

As contemplatives in action, we take heed that our active apostolate is essentially linked to our prayer life in the sense that the fruits of our shared contemplation are to be imparted to the joyful and grieving world with which we are in solidarity. (HFJ Constitution No. 60)

Our apostolate is discharged in different ways, according to varying circumstances. However, it is always in accordance with our institute’s Christian identity and befitting our charism. (HFJ Constitution No. 62)









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