Blessed Mother

“The eyes of her heart already turned to him at the Annunciation, when she conceived him by the power of the Holy Spirit. In the months that followed she began to sense his presence and to picture his features. When at last she gave birth to him in Bethlehem, her eyes were able to gaze tenderly on the Face of her Son, as she “wrapped him in swaddling cloths, and laid him in a manger”.

JOY3“Beholding the glory of the Lord, we are being changed into his likeness, from one degree of glory to another; for this comes from the Lord who is the Spirit” (2Cor 3:18).

No one has ever devoted himself to the contemplation of the Face of Christ as faithfully as Mary. The contemplation of Christ has an incomparable model in Mary.” (Apostolic letter Rosarium Virginis Mariae of the Supreme Pontiff John Paul II to the bishops, clergy and faithful on the most holy rosary)

St. Joseph

Let us allow ourselves to be “infected” by the silence of St Joseph! We have much need of it in a world which is often too noisy, which does not encourage reflection and listening to the voice of God.” (Pope Benedict XV)

St. Joseph’s role cannot be reduced to just legally introducing the Child Jesus into the lineage of David, fulfilling the st josephScriptures, in which the Messiah was prophesied as the “son of David.”The Pope added that St. Joseph’s intense interior life manifested by his silence demonstrate the fullness of faith that he carries in his heart, and that guides each of his thoughts and actions. A silence through which Joseph, together with Mary, guard the Word of God, known through sacred Scripture, comparing it continually to the events of the life of Jesus; a silence interwoven with constant prayer, a prayer of blessing of the Lord, of adoration of his holy will and of boundless confidence in his providence. (Pope Benedict XVI, December 18, 2005)

St. Joseph is also a model of the one who contemplated the Face of Christ.


The name “Veronica” comes from the Latinvera, meaning “true” or “Truthful”, and the Greekeikon, meaning “image”; the Veil of Veronica was therefore largely regarded in medieval times as the “true image”.

veronicaVeronica was mentioned in the reported visions of Jesus by Sister Marie of St Peter, a Carmelite nun who lived in Tours, France, and started the devotion to the Holy Face of Jesus. In 1844, Sister Marie reported that in a vision, she saw Saint Veronica wiping away the spit and mud from the Face of Jesus with her veil on the way to Calvary. She said that sacrilegious and blasphemous acts today are adding to the spit and mud that Saint Veronica wiped away that day. According to Sister Marie of St Peter, in her visions Jesus told her that He desired devotion to His Holy Face in reparation for sacrilege and blasphemy.

Acts of Reparation to Jesus Christ are thus compared to Saint Veronica wiping the Face of Jesus.

Church Fathers

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St. Ambrose

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St. Athanasius

st athanasiusSaint Ethanasius stated that the devils, when being asked what verse in the Holy Scripture they feared the most, they replied, “That with which the sixty-seventh Psalm commences.” This passage states, “Let God arise, and let His enemies be scattered. Let them that hate Him flee from before His Face.” They added that this biblical passage always compelled them to take flight.

St. Agustine

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St. Ignatius

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St. Jerome

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St. Getrude

In revelation, Jesus said to Gertrude the Great (1263-1302):

st gertrude“All those who, attracted by my love and venerating my Countenance, shall receive by virtue of my humanity, a brilliant and vivid impression of my Divinity. This splendor shall enlighten the depths of their souls, so that in eternal glory the court of heaven will marvel at the marked likeness of their features with my divine Countenance”.

“Let the soul who is desirous of advancing in perfection hasten to My Sacred Heart ~ but he who yearns to make even greater progress and to mount still higher on the wings of desire, must rise with the swiftness of an eagle and hover about my Sacred Face, supported like a seraph, on the wings of overpowering love.” 

Sr. Mary of St. Peter

marie pierre 2Sister Marie de St. Pierre, O.C.D., whose beatification is being proposed, was a discalced Carmelite nun in Tours, France. As a young Carmelite, starting December of 1839, she received series of revelations, an intellectual vision of God calling her to a mission for the salvation of souls. Gradually it was revealed to her that she make reparation for blasphemies and outrages uttered against the Holy Name of Jesus and the profanation of Sundays and the powerful means to do it is the Devotion to the Holy Face of Jesus. Jesus said: “My Name is forever blasphemed, even children blaspheme”. He made her understand that this frightful sin, more than any other, grievously wound His divine heart and by blasphemy, the sinner curses Him to His Face and attacks Him openly; renewing those outrages that had disfigured the Holy Face on the way to Calvary. Jesus gave her the “Golden Arrow” prayer to heal the wounds of malice which sinners inflict upon Him by blasphemy which was like a poisoned arrow that perpetually wounded His heart. It is therefore, in this context that we are to understand the promises of our Lord Jesus Christ to Sr. Marie de St. Pierre concerning the Holy Face.

The Golden Arrow
(An Act of Praise and Reparation for Blasphemy dictated by Our Lord to Sr. Marie of St. Peter)

May the most holy, most sacred, most adorable, most incomprehensible and ineffable Name of God be forever praised, blessed, loved, adored and glorified in Heaven, on Earth, and under the Earth by all the creatures of God and by the Sacred Heart of Our Lord Jesus Christ in the Most Holy Sacrament of the Altar. Amen.

(Jesus said “This Golden Arrow will wound My Heart delightfully, and heal the wounds inflicted by blasphemy.”)
Imprimatur: T. J. Toolen. Archbishop of Mobile-Birmingham

Promises of Our Lord Jesus Christ to Sister Marie of St. Peter:

  1. “By My Holy Face you shall work miracles.”
  2. “By My Holy Face you will obtain the conversion of many sinners.”
  3. “Nothing that you ask in making this offering will be refused to you.”
  4. “If you knew how pleasing the sight of My Face is to My Father.”
  5. “As in a kingdom you can procure all you wish for with coin marked with the King’s effigy, so in the Kingdom of Heaven you will obtain all you desire with the Precious coin of My Holy Face.”
  6. “Our Lord has promised me that He will imprint His divine likeness on the souls of those who honor his most holy Countenance.”
  7. “Offer My Holy Face without ceasing to the Eternal Father. With this offering, you will obtain salvation and sanctification of many souls. When henceforth you offer it through My priests, they will perform miracles.”
  8. “According to the care you take in making reparation to My Face disfigured by blasphemies, so will I take care of yours which has been disfigured by sin. I will reprint therein My image and render it as beautiful as it was on leaving the Baptismal font.”
  9. “Our Lord has promised me, that all those who defend His cause in this work of reparation, by words, by prayers, or in writing. He will defend them before His Father; at their death He will purify their souls by effacing all the blots of sin and will restore to them their primitive beauty.”

Imprimatur: J.-C. Chaumont, V.G., February 1959

St. Therese

st. thereseSt. Therese had a fervent devotion to the Holy Face of Jesus because of the profound “depths of treasure hidden” she found in there. It was her book of meditation. Sr. Celine, her sister had this written of her:

“Devotion to the Holy Face was for Therese the crown and complement of her love for the Sacred Humanity of Our Lord. The Blessed Face was the mirror wherein she beheld the Heart and Soul of her Well-Beloved. Just as the picture of a loved one serves to bring the whole person before us, so in the Holy Face of Christ Therese beheld the entire Humanity of Jesus. We can say unequivocally that this devotion was the burning inspiration of the Saint’s life. …Her devotion to the Holy Face transcended, or more accurately, embraced, all the other attractions of her spiritual life.”

On August 5, 1899, just a few weeks before her death, to celebrate the Feast of the Transfiguration her sisters brought to the infirmary from the choir the “picture of the Holy Face she so much loved and hung it where she could see it”. Looking at the picture, she said, “Oh, how much good that Holy Face has done me in my life!”

Leo Papin Dupont

leo papin dupontVenerable Leo Dupont (24th January 1797 – 18th March 1876), also known as “The Holy Man of Tours,” or the “Apostle of the Holy Face”, was a religious figure in the Roman Catholic faith who helped spread various Catholic devotions such as the devotion to the Holy Face of Jesus and nightly Eucharistic Adoration.

Apart from his other charitable activities, Dupont is perhaps best known for his impact on spreading the devotion to the Holy Face of Jesus.

Dupont made frequent donations to the Carmelites in Tours and managed their business affairs. He thus heard of the reported visions of Jesus and Mary by the Carmelite nun Sister Marie of St Peter from 1844 to 1847. Based on this, Dupont started to burn a vigil lamp continuously before a picture of the Holy Face of Jesus based on the painted image on the Veil of Veronica. Dupont used that image because the existence of a clear image on the Shroud of Turin was not known to anyone at that time for the somewhat faded image of the face on the Shroud can not easily be seen with the naked eye and was only observed in May 1898 via the negative plate of Secondo Pia‘s first photograph.

“May the Lord deign to unite with us in making unction, and restore this sick person to health; in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.  May the Holy Names of Jesus, Mary and Joseph be known, blessed and glorified throughout the world. Amen.” (Formula used by M. Dupont when anointing the sick with the oil from the lamp burning before the Holy face of Jesus)

In 1851 Dupont formed the “Archconfraternity of the Holy Face” in Tours. He prayed for and promoted the case for a devotion to the Holy Face of Jesus for around 30 years.

Leo Dupont died in 1876 at the age of 79. Upon his death, his house on Rue St. Etienne was purchased by the Archdiocese of Tours and turned into the Oratory of the Holy Face. The Devotion to the Holy Face of Jesus was approved by Pope Leo XIII in 1885.

He has been declared Venerable by the Holy See during the pontificate of Pope Pius XII and currently awaits Beatification. His feast day is December 1.

Years later, the devotion to the Holy Face of Jesus influenced St. Therese of Lisieux, another French Carmelite nun. She wrote a number of poems and prayers in the 1890s that also helped spread the devotion to the Holy Face.

In the 1930s, an Italian nun, Sister Maria Pierina De Micheliassociated the image of the Holy Face of Jesus from the Shroud of Turin with the devotion and made the first Holy Face Medal.

Mo. Pierina de Micheli

Blessed Mo. Maria Pierina de Micheli, F.I.C.

mo. pierina, ficMother Maria Pierina di Michaeli was a member of the Daughters of the Immaculate Concepcion, a religious congregation for women, whose Motherhouse is in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She became superior of the Congregation in Milan and provincial of the Order in Italy. She was born on September 11, 1890, was privileged at the age of 12 with graces of intimacy with our Lord, and had invited her to contemplate His Holy Face.

She was encouraged in many visions and divine communications by the Blessed Mother and Jesus Himself to spread the devotion to the Holy Face of Jesus in reparation for the many insults, irreverence, and violence He suffered. With it was given promises for those who will be devoted to the Holy Face. Mary, in one of her appearances to her, gave the Scapular of the Holy Face of Jesus, consisting of two pieces of flannel joined by a cord. On one flannel was the Holy Face with the inscription, “Illumina, Domine, VultumTuum Super Nos.” (Psalm 66: “May, O Lord, the light of Thy countenance shine upon us”). On the other flannel was the Sacred Host with the words, “Mane Nobiscum, Domine.” (“Stay with us, O Lord”). Mary explained to her the value of the scapular, although reproduced as medals, carries the same promises and favors.The first Holy Face Medal was offered to Pope Pius XII who accepted it and approved the devotion in 1958 and declared the Feast of the Holy Face of Jesus as Shrove Tuesday (the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday) for all Roman Catholics.

Mo. Pierina died on July 26, 1945 after experiencing rigorous torments from the evil and unexplainable sicknesses. In April 2009 Pope Benedict XVI advanced her beatification process by formally recognizing a miracle attributed to her. She was beatified on Sunday, May 30, 2010 at the Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore in Rome.

THE HOLY FACE MEDAL (Origin/Promises)Holy-Face-Medal

On May 31, 1938, our Blessed Mother appeared to Mo. Pierina de Micheli saying:

The medal is an armor of defense, a shield of strength, a token of the love and mercy which Jesus wishes to give to the world in these times of lust and hatred against God and His Church, aggravated by:

  1. Diabolic nets thrown to wrench the faith from hearts
  2. Evils abounding
  3. True apostles being few

The remedy is the Holy Face of Jesus.

All who wear a medal like this and make if possible every Tuesday visit the Blessed Sacrament in order to repair the outrages which the Face of Son Jesus received during His Passion and everyday in the Holy Eucharist:

  1. will be strengthened in faith
  2. prompt to depend it
  3. overcome all difficulties internal and external
  4. will have a peaceful death under the loving gaze of My Divine Son.

Promises of our Lord to Mo. Maria Pierina de Micheli:

  1. “I have given My Heart as the sensible proof of my great love for men, and I give My Face as the sensible object of my grief for the sins of mankind”.
  2. “I desire that My Face, which shows My soul’s deepest anguish, My Heart’s sorrow and love, be more honored.” “Whoever contemplates me, consoles Me”.
  3. “Contemplate My Face and you will enter into My Heart’s abysses of sorrow.”
  4. “Every time that anyone gazes at My Face, I will pour My Love into hearts.”
  5. “And by means of the Holy Face, the salvation of many souls will be obtained.”
  6. “Offer My Holy Face without ceasing to the Eternal Father. With this offering, you will obtain salvation and sanctification of many souls. When henceforth you offer it through My priests, they will perform miracles.”
  7. “I desire that My Face be honored in a special way on Tuesdays.”
  8. “I desire that My Face be honored by a special Feast on Quinquagesima Tuesday (Tuesday on the 5th week before Easter Sunday), a feast preceded by a Novena, in which all the faithful will make reparation to Me, thus uniting and participating in my grief.”