yahfjThe official name of the organization is the “Young Apostles of the Holy Face of Jesus” (YAHFJ). This is a religious youth organization founded by Mo. Mary Therese Vicente, HFJ on August 4, 1990 at Quiapo Manila. A non – stock, non – profit organization affiliated to Archdiocesan Youth Organization and Movement of the Archdiocese of Manila.

The Young Apostle of the Holy Face of Jesus as a nationwide organization is under the guidance of the Sisters of the Holy Face of Jesus.



Close to the heart of Mo. Mary Therese L. Vicente, HFJ, the foundress of the Sisters of the Holy Face of Jesus (HFJ), was the apostolate for the youth. Her desire to lead the young ones to God was one of the missions that she had envisioned. It was among her inspirations that the Holy Face Center in Quiapo, Manila, Philippines, where a large segment of the student populace is concentrated, be a place where the youth can have proper guidance and counseling and where true concern exists not only for their material but especially for their spiritual needs. Financial support was afforded to some of them to support their studies and those who desired to be priests.

It all begin in 1976, the advent of the Devotion to the Holy Face of Jesus in the Philippines, particularly at the Holy Face Center, Quiapo, Manila, when adults and young people alike were attracted to the devotion. They flocked at the Center to attend its various programs and activities, until lay organizations were formed.  The Crusaders of the Holy Face of Jesus was founded and likewise its counterpart, organization for the youth.

Their name started as “Juniors or Young Crusaders” and a considerable number became members, however, when they begun working somehow their commitment to the association was affected.  However, Mo. Therese’s enthusiasm to recruit the youth for the organization never wavered and the group’s name became the Young Apostles of the Holy Face of Jesus (YAHFJ) in 1990 August 4.  At present, the YAHFJ under the guidance of the Sisters of the Holy Face of Jesus, continue to expand in different places and being involve in various ministries with the goal of also leading fellow youth to God to have better lives and better future.

Vision – Mission

You, too, have been given the extraordinary task of being disciples and missionaries of Christ in other lands and countries filled with young people who are looking for something greater.” Share the faith and help them see they are right when “their heart tells them that more authentic values do exist” and they resist being “seduced by the empty promises of a lifestyle which has no room for God.” (Pope Benedict to the Youth)


“We, the Young Apostles of the Holy Face of Jesus, moved by the spirit of discipleship envision ourselves as Evangelizers and Youth Ministers who are challenged by the charism given to our Foundress, Mo. Mary Therese Vicente, to seek the Holy Face of Jesus and to spread devotion among the young for the renewal of the society and the building of the Body of Christ”.

Structures & Policies

Structures & Policies

The organizational structure of the YAHFJ is designed according to its program of activities which are all geared toward a wholesome formation and capability building that will enable them to become apostles of Christ.

This organization is composed of a mixed group of boys and girls. All members are aware that their relationship within the organization is strictly that of brothers and sisters. A Moderator, from the Sisters of the Holy Face of Jesus, takes charge of the group to supervise, guide and monitor their formation and activities.

There are assigned committees who take charge of various areas for a unified and synchronized operation of the organization. These areas are: Worship, Fellowship, Education, Service  and Temporalities.



The YAHFJ, whose National Office is at Hidalgo Street, Quiapo, Manila, already has  its members in Ballesteros, Cagayan; Alaminos, Pangasinan; and Mexico, Pampanga.

Meet a YAHFJer

Meet a YAHFJer

sacristan - yahfj (8)I am Mark, 15 years old and studying at V. Mapa High School as 4th year student. My parents are separated and I am staying with my mother who worked as a vendor. I was 11 years old when I first came to the Holy Face Center.  Sr. Elvira, HFJ invited me to become a member of the Little Friends of the Holy Face of Jesus and eventually, now that I am 15 years old, I am now a member of the Young Apostles of the Holy Face of Jesus. Being a member of these youth organizations, I was encouraged to give good examples to my fellow youth. I serve as one of the sacristans at the Holy Face Chapel.


sacristan - yahfj (1)I am Angelito, 14 years old, residing at Quiapo, Manila.  Presently, I am in Grade 8 at V. Mapa High School.  My mother is a vendor and my father is a carpenter.  I was 10 years old when a friend, a yahfjer member, invited me to the Holy Face Center.  I became a member of the Little Friends first and then Sr. Elvira, HFJ invited me to become a member of the Young Apostles.  Here, Bro. Anthony  taught me to serve the Lord. The Holy Face has helped me a lot to learn how I could serve the Lord in my little ways.  I learned the value of respect, being kind to others and many more.

I regularly serve as one of the sacristans at the Holy Face Chapel.


sacristan - yahfj (3)I am Lenard, 14 years old and now in Grade 8. I started as a member of the Little Friends of the Holy Face of Jesus – being invited by Sr. Elvira, HFJ.  Then I became a yahfj member on August 23, 2011.  The Lord is helping me to be kind and helpful; and sustaining me to be a loyal member.

For 3 years now, I am serving at the Holy Face Center as one of the sacristans.

I became a YAHFJ member when I was still in elementary grade. I was recruited by an elder yahfjer member who gave a talk about the Devotion to the Holy Face of Jesus in our province in Ballesteros, Cagayan.  In my growing years, life in the family gets difficult but being with the YAHFJ somehow enables me to go on knowing that the Lord will continually takes care of me.

Programs & Activities

Programs & Activities


YAHFJ’s formation is geared towards helping the young people to see the moral values of the Gospel Message of Jesus that it is not just a message to read or study but to live in.

Firstly, they are trained to know, foster, and promote the devotion of the Holy Face of Jesus; and to live the Spirituality of the devotion and lead people to adore the Blessed Sacrament.  Secondly, to deepen the physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual development of it’s members which in a way would help build the local church. Lastly,  to imitate Mary, our Mother and Model.

Self and Community

  1. Neophytes home visitation
  2. Recollection and retreats
  3. Recreation-sports participation
  4. Family gathering with the Sisters, Crusaders andLittle Friends of the Holy Face of Jesus
  5. Modules on the Life of Mo. Mary Threse Vicente, HFJ, their foundress and on various topics


  1.  Talents Unlimited Workshop
  2. Commentator and Lector Training
  3. Rosary – Making and other livelihood projects  for the group’s fund raising


  1. The Holy Trinity
  2. The Ten (10) Commandments
  3. The Seven Sacraments: Holy Eucharist
  4. The Devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary

Spirituality of the Holy Face of Jesus

  1. Introduction to the HFJ Devotion
  2. History and Origin of the Devotion
  3. Holy Eucharist and the Devotion
  4. Holy Shroud: Slide Presentation


  1. Holy Mass participation: Being lector/ commentator
  2. Outreach evangelization


The YAHFJ, as they are trained to give talks on certain topic, share their learning to other fellow youth that they can gather from various sectors.  They are also sent to other places to share and spread the Devotion to the Holy Face of Jesus and introduce its spirituality

At times, they also assist in the Liturgy whenever various groups or organizations in the Archdiocese of Manila will have their assemblies.  Likewise, they assist the Sisters of the Holy Face of Jesus in the various events that are held at the Holy Face Center.

Activities (Daily / Weekly /Monthly / Yearly)


  1. Morning Prayer
  2. Night Prayer
  3. Rosary
  4. Chaplet
  5. Gospel reading
  6. Meditation
  7. Eucharistic Adoration
  8. Prayer before and after meals
  9. Self assessment
  10. Angelus
  11. Holy Mass if possible
  12. Doing Corporal and Spiritual works of mercy


Tuesday: Holy Mass / Holy Hour / Group meeting
Saturday: Choir Practice
Lector and Commentator training
Sunday: Mass/Meeting

    1. Catechism
    2. Faith sharing
    3. Home Visitation
    4. Recreation
    5. Viewing Religious films

 Monthly: Growth Seminar for the continuous formation

  1. Recollection
  2. Outreach
  3. Evangelization
  4. Home Visitation YAHFJ Chapters
  5. Officers’ Meeting
  6. Group Evaluation
  7. Recreation


  1. Retreat
  2. YAHFJ Convention
  3. Youth Camp
  4. Leadership training
  5. Sports Fests
  6. Youth caroling
  7. Holy Week Activities
  8. Pilgrimage
  9. Jail visitation
  10. Charitable Institutions
  11. Outing

Contact Us

Contact Us

Email us at  yahfj.center@gmail.com or yahfjers90@yahoo.com

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